Buyer Beware: Aftermarket Salt Systems

There are many salt systems that claim to be as good as the ACE Salt Water System but beware of aftermarket salt systems, they may be more than you bargained for!
Since HotSpring Spas introduced the exclusive ACE Salt Water System in 2009 the game has changed for hot tub buyers across the world. It has taken those who would ‘never buy a hot tub’ to ‘it’s the best item we’ve ever purchased’ and made hot tubber’s out of more people than ever before.
Because of its popularity, some dealers are promoting salt water like a local Jacuzzi dealer advertising “The Exclusive Jacuzzi Salt Water System” and “We are Your Local Salt Water Experts.” This is 100% false advertising as Jacuzzi DOES NOT have a salt water system. They feel the need to miss-lead the consumer as an attempt to compete with HotSpring Spas and the ACE Salt water system. They want to copy the ACE Salt Water System and its great message of ‘natural and organic water’. They can’t as Jacuzzi doesn’t make nor offer a salt system. Instead they install an ‘after-market’ salt system such as ChlorMaker sold on Amazon for $229. (We will discuss the differences later).
We are promoting HotSpring Spas. That is what we do. If you choose to own a Jacuzzi brand hot tub, we do hope you have a great customer experience with it and tell others how great it is to own a hot tub, or as we say ‘Every Day Made Better’.  IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW THAT IF YOU DO CHOOSE TO OWN A JACUZZI HOT TUB AND YOU WANT THE BEST POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE WITH IT, PLEASE DO NOT ACCEPT A SALT WATER SYSTEM AS IT DOES NOT EXIST.
Here are 10 factual and hard core points Why HotSpring Hot Tubs have a Salt Water System and why Jacuzzi Hot Tubs do not:
1. Titanium Heater. You CAN NOT have a salt water system without a Titanium Heater. The salt water will destroy anything but a Titanium heater. And Jacuzzi does not have one. HotSpring NXT/Highlife and HotSpring Limelight models all use a Titanium heater. (Our HotSpot and FreeFlow models do not. Those models have the same heater as a Jacuzzi and you cannot do a salt system with those models.)
2. Viton Pump Seal. This is also a must when adding salt to the hot tub. Again without this feature, the salt will eat through your pump’s seal causing it to leak.
3. An ‘aftermarket’ salt system uses a very inexpensive salt-cell using copper electrodes. (The whole system can be purchased on Amazon for around $229). This requires more salt for the system to function. It also requires a higher calcium hardness level, which is detrimental to the salt cell and the hot tub. This is the exact opposite of what the HotSpring ACE System requires. Logically one has to be right and one has to be wrong? (See ChlorMaker Warning and Caution Page attached to this article)
4. (This is a huge one): Is the salt water system integrated as part of the Jacuzzi controls on the hot tub? The same control that you turn the jets on with, the lights on and set the temperature with? If it isn’t, then ask yourself, ‘why isn’t the salt system an integrated feature of the Jacuzzi hot tub controls?’ The answer is simple, because Jacuzzi doesn’t offer a salt system. The HotSpring ACE Salt Water System is integrated in the hot tub’s controls as part of the hot tub. You will know, cause it pretty cool.
5. Check the Jacuzzi Company’s website. Does this read like a company that offers salt water? Look under: ‘Buyers Guide’/‘Water Management’/‘Salt Water Technology’. Again the truth will present itself in black in white. On HotSpring Company’s website the ACE Salt Water System is promoted on the Home Page.
6. Request the Jacuzzi Manufacturer’s Brochure and look for the page(s) where you can read and learn more about salt water. (Hint: It’s not in there. Not one mention of Salt). The HotSpring Brochure has pages dedicated to the promotion of the ACE Salt Water System.
7. Call Jacuzzi directly. 1 (866) 234-7727. They will tell you directly why they do not have a Salt System and why it voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Call HotSpring directly 1(800) 999-4688 and they will proudly tell you how it is different and how it is an important part of the ‘Absolute Best Ownership Experience’ and how it will not void the manufacturer’s warranty.
8. Reach out to ANY Jacuzzi Dealer anywhere across the USA and Canada and find out what they have to say about salt water hot tubs. Reach out to any HotSpring Dealer and do the same. (Even though most promote ACE, it is not the case with all HotSpring dealers.)
9. This is part of a Jacuzzi dealer from Ontario Canada’s website discussing salt water and why you can’t use it:
10. If someone is promoting a Jacuzzi salt water system, they will tell you that all salt systems are the same. This is not true as you will see the comparisons below.
Buying a hot tub is a huge investment. And if done right it can be one of the best purchases you will ever make. And that is why we say, Every Day Made Better. As of the writing of this article in March 2018 there are only two known hot tub Manufactures that offer a salt water system. HotSpring Spas and Artic Spas. The differences between the two systems are huge as they could not be more different. The bottom line, the Artic Ozen and the aftermarket ChlorMaker use the same technology. The same technology that swimming pools have used for 30 years. It is this technology that is the main reason why it doesn’t work in a hot tub (notice with Artic you need to upgrade to a Titanium Heater) (You will hopefully discern for yourself the major differences.):
ACE Salt Water Sanitizing System vs. Artic’s Ozen Salt System/ChlorMaker
ACE has Diamond Electrodes (in the cell) that Produce 5 Different Cleaners:
1. Active Oxygen
2. Sodium Dichloride
3. Ozone
4. Hydrogen Peroxide
Integrated Hot Tub Controls are Included
ChlorMaker has Copper Electrodes that Produce 1 Cleaner:
1. Sodium Chloride or Bromide
No integration. ‘Aftermarket’ Controls Requires less salt 1200 to 1700 ppm Requires more salt: 2700 to 3400 ppm
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