Quik Swim

Dollar for dollar the Quik Swim Pool by Splash-A-Round Pools provides more features, benefits and family fun for everyone than any other pool on the market!

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Go from box to backyard in under an hour!

We’ve taken the simplicity and affordability of the” box pool” sold in your local ”everything store” and developmentally redesigned it with stronger material, reinforced welds, larger filtration equipment and backed it with a 5 year limited warranty. These improvements and innovation is what makes Splash-A-Round pools a leader in the portable pool market.

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Available Sizes

  • 16’x48″ Round – 6,040 Gallon Capacity
  • 10’x18’x48″ Rectangle – 5,400 Gallon Capacity
  • 14’x22’x48″ Rectangle – 9,240 Gallon Capacity
  • 14’x25’x48″ Rectangle – 10,500 Gallon Capacity


Quik Swim Includes: 

  • Skimmer
  • Skimmer Basket
  • Return Line
  • Underwater Patch Kit
  • Two Winterizing Plugs
  • Two Wall Fittings

Quik Swim Features:

  • 1-1/2” Galvanized Steel Framework
  • 48″ Wall Height
  • 27 Mil Poly Fabric Reinforced Liner
  • 20 x 20 Scrim Polyester Fabric Core
  • Skimmer & Return Line
  • Two Wall Fittings
  • Assembly Instructions
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty
  • EZ Do It Yourself Assembly


Assembly Instructions

14’x22’x48” or 14’x25’x48”

Brochures and Comparisons

Here is where the Quik Swim pool swims laps around the competition: