Dolcevita Diva

To some, “Above ground pool” renders images of a tacky, flimsy, big-box store, eyesore that holds stagnant water. Contrarily, Splash Pools invented the “Dolcevita DIVA”. The DIVA is a contemporary masterpiece which stands with beauty, luxury, and its own filtration system. First of its kind, the Dolcevita DIVA has a maintenance-free faux wicker. Is it … Read More

Dolcevita Playa

The DolceVita Playa was first popularized in Europe as the missing link between hot tubs and swimming pools. The Playa is seen as both a plunge pool and a piece of modern furniture as it serves both wellness and lifestyle purposes. They come in three sizes from 7.2’ x 7.2’ to 7.2 x 13.8’. What … Read More