Do You Follow These Four Hot Tub Etiquette Rules?

There are great soakers and hosts, and then some who won’t be asked to communally soak again. (We’re looking at you, guy who had just a few more jet bubbles than the rest of us.) There’s a few rules that were unwritten until now! Let’s see how many you follow! Do you practice (as one … Read More

3 Unexpected Hot Tub Benefits

As if you needed an excuse to soak, we’re here to give you three unexpected benefits of hot tubbing! Speeds up your body’s healing capabilities. Soaking in cold weather is better! There’s nothing quite like going from a steamy hot tub to the shocking chill of winter air. While it may not be the most … Read More

Why Winter Soaks Give You the Most!

Soaking in cold weather is better! There’s nothing quite like going from a steamy hot tub to the shocking chill of winter air. While it may not be the most pleasant for the first few seconds, here’s why the same hot tub has even more benefits in cold weather seasons. Contrast Therapy While your hot … Read More

Getting Pure Sunlight in Winter

It’s that time of year when our minds start to feel off due to lack of vitamin D from the sun. Some symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder(SAD), according to the Mayo Clinic, are having low energy, having difficulty concentrating, feeling depressed most of the day, and issues with sleeping. While depression is best treated by your … Read More

Daily Detoxing Water Recipe

Detoxing in moderation is a healthy way to flush toxins out of your body. Aside from the usual sauna session and exercise, a nice, cold drink can be just the ticket to kick out the bad and make way for the good. To top it off, these recipes are all low calorie! Here are two … Read More

How to Know If Your Hot Tub Is Okay During Cold Weather

Every single HotSpring hot tub is made to withstand -40 F full or dry. Of course, there are other factors like a rogue pipe, dirty filter, or chemical imbalance that could need tending to out there. Of course, the big obstacle is when it’s so cold outside not even the birds make a peep. How … Read More

Can You Name Every Hot Tub Step Type?

What’s so special about a few steps? It may surprise you! There are four types of HotSpring Spa steps: NXT Steps If you have an NXT hot tub, we think you’ll love this series of steps (pictured left)! You’ll get a high-end experience with water-proof steps made of tread inserts (the part you step on) … Read More

Big Box Vs Specialty Store Hot Tubs

Hot Tubs are increasingly popular and affordable. That’s why more and more stores are making stock of them for a good sell. But the big question is which store do you trust with this big purchase? While only you can decide what’s best for you, here are some thoughts to consider…     Big box … Read More

Ace Salt Water System Pros vs Cons

If a customer came in a said they were at our competition.. We’d say: “You know what? It may not be for everybody. But, if you don’t have Ace, we think you’ll regret it.” How can we be so bold? Instead of a sales pitch, let’s be real. When your hot tub is easy to … Read More

Does It Come with a Cover?

    Short Answer: Yes Longer Answer: All new HotSpring hot tubs come standard with a HotSpring hot tub lid. They are made with a custom seal for a perfect fit and are made without a center metal beam so your seams will remain intact for years to come. Alternatively, we offer an electronic cover … Read More