iCare Water Made Easy

iCare Water Made Easy

Stop guessing and start knowing your water is safe and healthy with iCare. It’s simple to use and will let you know exactly what to add to enjoy the most balanced, healthy and clean water imaginable.

iCare offers a unique patented technology that monitors and learns the behaviors of your specific spa water 24/7, whether you are near your spa or far away. Our smartphone App features an intuitive Water Index providing you with a convenient and colorful way to know the quality of your spa water by simply looking at the color of the wave. iCare sends you personalized alerts and recommendations only if action is required.

iCare Waves

iCare takes the guess work out of water care saving you time and money while providing you with the peace of mind you deserve. Thanks to the SHARE function, friends or relatives can easily tend to your spa so you can confidently enjoy your vacation. iCare and its robust Plug & Playsensors are guaranteed for 2 years and the battery is rechargeable (charger included). iCare is compatible with chlorine, bromine and salt water hot tubs.

    iCare Phone App

    • PH
    • TDS
    • SALT


    pH determines the acidity of your water.
    ORP tells you how well your sanitizer oxides/kills organic matter in your water.
    TDS is the amount of total dissolved solids in your water. Too many solids can affect your sanitizer’s ability to kill bacteria.
    The Water Index changes colors from blue (good) to red(bad) indicating the quality and health of your water.


    iCare Floating in Filter Compartment
    Download the App
    Follow the instructions
    Drop device in the water
    Connect via Bluetooth

    iCare is also Alexa compatible!

    iCare provides you with a healthier, safer experience. Ready, Set, Enjoy!