Ace Salt System Maintenance and Cleaning

The HotSpring ACE salt water hot tub is known for being a more natural water cleaning system that is easy to maintain. This does not necessarily mean less maintenance or less chemicals are required. Just like a regular hot tub, you must clean the filter and (salt) cell, and balance the water. However, when the Ace Salt System gives you softer, more natural, enjoyable water, that’s easy to maintain, (not to mention how you won’t smell like chlorine), you’ll want to use your hot tub more often than any other hot tub. In other words, you’ll have Every Day Made Better.

Chemical Maintenance
In order to keep a salt water hot tub clean, you need to add a handful of chemicals. Keep in mind, everyone’s source water is different. Therefore, the exact amount of what you use and what happens over time will vary.

How the Ace Salt System works: Your Ace salt water hot tub has a salt cell that is placed in the middle of one of the filters in the filter compartment (It is the filter used directly with the Silent Flo 5000 Circulation Pump). This salt cell takes the salt you have added to the hot tub and produces five different active ingredients. The main ingredient produced is High-Energy Active Oxygen (a split water molecule that helps neutralize the water). Other ingredients produced are sodium dichlor (which is chlorine), ozone, hydrogen peroxide and a form of monosulphate.
Although your salt cell is producing a sanitizer, this does not mean you have a free pass on adding chlorine to your hot tub every once in awhile. We call this ‘freshening up’ the water. It helps give the water a crystal-clear appearance.

In fact, adding some extra chlorine to your hot tub here and there to freshen the water up is never a bad idea. Let’s say you and your spouse are the only ones who ever use your salt water hot tub, you may find you never have to add anything. Now let’s say you have a few friends over and everyone is using your hot tub. This may be a good time to add a little chlorine concentrate (sodium dichlor) just to help the ACE System out a little.

Image of a ace salt water balancing chart

Additionally, no matter what form of water that you have – be it a hot tub or a pool – you will always have to balance the water. You may use one of the following to do so: PH Increaser, PH Decreaser, Total Alkalinity Increaser. (See the ACE Water Balancing Chart –>)

Lastly, if you have any metals present in your water it may be a good idea to use Stain n Scale in your water to prevent staining in the hot tub. This will also help if the water is a tinge of green.

As cleaning, your filters is a must every 30 days and for some, maybe more often. This will depend on your source water, the amount of use the hot tub is getting, and if cosmetics (makeup, lotions, hair products) are being brought into the hot tub. The main filter in your hot tub where the salt cell is located is the most important filter in your hot tub. Always make sure that filter is clean and providing the best filtration for your salt cell and hot tub as possible. We strongly recommend cleaning this filter every 30 days. (Most customers will have more than one filter to rotate every 30 days.) The other 2 to 4 filters could be cleaned every 60 to 90 days depending on usage. The best way to clean the filters are by soaking them in a tub of water with a mixture of filter cleaning solution for anywhere from 4 – 12 hours.

Along with your filters being cleaned, your salt cell also needs to be cleaned every 60-90 days. This is because calcium will form on the Diamond Electrodes as it needs to be decalcified. You do this by shutting off the hot tub power and soaking the cell in a ‘cell cleaning solution’ or in a mixture of water and PH Decreaser for 10 minutes.

If there is any take away from this article, know that having a HotSpring salt water hot tub will not exempt you from regular maintenance (filter cleaning, salt cell cleaning, water balancing), or the use of chemicals if they are needed. But know that a HotSpring salt water hot tub is built to use more and because of this, Every Day Made Better, you are going to experience the physical, emotional, and relational wellness benefits below, above and beyond the water.