“Stabilization” for Pools Explained

Keeping your pool water sanitized is #1 on the list for maintaining a clean and safe pool. Not too far behind or maybe neck and neck on the list with keeping your pool sanitized with chlorine is stabilizing your water.

To make this as simple as possible, when our pools are open and in use, the sun is bright and beating on the pool water. If your pool’s water isn’t stabilized, chlorine is drawn out of the water, leaving you with a low chlorine reading.

Naturally, water does not have the needed amount of a stabilizer in it, therefore we have to add a stabilizer ourselves. When we add a stabilizer, we are adding cyanuric acid which provides our water with the ability to withstand the sun’s UV rays.

The recommended amount of stabilizer will differ depending on the size of your pool. Regardless, it is important to have your CYA (stabilizer) levels somewhere between 60 and 200 ppm. Given the range is wider than most ranges for balancing your water, we recommend you shoot for the middle of the scale to ensure a strong chlorine level at all times during the summer with the strong UV rays.

If you run into an issue with keeping a strong chlorine level, check your CYA (stabilizer levels), the chances of there being a lack of cyanuric acid is very likely. It is a simple fix that will leave you with a peace of mind when it comes to keeping a strong chlorine level and a sanitized pool.