How Your Pool’s Water Stays Clean

Believe it or not, your chlorine pool has not one, but six means of keeping its water clean. The first two methods involve filters. Whereas, the next four are readily-available chemicals.

how a pool stays clean

Your pools first defense with staying clean is its skimmer basket. This plastic basket has woven walls and sits inside of your pool’s skimmer; it’s essentially a siv. As water flows through the basket, the skimmer catches large items such as spiders, grass clippings, and stray toys. It should be emptied about once a day. On the exterior of your pool is a Sand Filter(aboveground or in-ground pools) or a cartridge filter (only in-ground pools). These filters remove debris as small as 10-40 microns by pressuring water through it’s fine filter material.

Chlorine, algaecide, shock, and additive are the other ways your pool’s water stays clean. Chlorine is a sanitizer. It’s your main hero against bacteria and other toxins. Its partner, algaecide, combats murky algae from blooming. Meanwhile, shock serves to break down compounds such as sunscreen, perfume, and sweat. Lastly, an additive such as work to further break down

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